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Can You Keep Your HR Department But Still Outsource Some Of It?

Can You Keep Your HR Department But Still Outsource Some Of It?


Many modern companies, including new and small businesses as well as larger companies with more than 500 employees, are turning to HR outsourcing as a way of reducing cost and providing better services to their employees. This can be done by working with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Human Resources Outsourcing Companies like Einstein HR.

One thing that separates Einstein HR from other PEOs and outsourcing companies is that we allow client businesses to choose between total, wholesale HR and accounting outsourcing and a la carte service selection. Though some business owners may decide to retain an in-house HR staff and select only a few key services to be performed by Einstein HR, it usually is more cost-effective to outsource the entire HR department. This is because working with HR outsourcing companies is often much less expensive in the long run than paying the salaries of an in-house, full-time HR staff.

Services That Can Be Outsourced

When working with a PEO or HR outsourcing company, business owners have a wide selection of services from which to choose. At Einstein HR, we have decades of experience handling HR administration, risk consultancy, legal compliance, employee management, and more.

Payroll Administration

One of the most popular services handled by HR outsourcing companies is payroll administration. The experts at Einstein HR can handle wage garnishments such as child support or alimony, as well as all relevant accounting services, payroll reporting, cash analysis reporting, and more. We also offer online Employee Self-Service so that employees can track their pay stubs and sick days. Einstein HR provides tailored solutions to companies’ unique payroll situations.

Legal Compliance

A major complication in business management is ensuring that the company is run according to local and federal labor laws. By using our experience, Einstein HR is able to provide expert compliance services to make sure that your business does not run afoul of the law or accrue costly fines and other penalties. Look to us for help with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, and other regulations.

Employee Management

By teaming up with an HR outsourcing company like Einstein HR, you can delegate employee management to experienced personnel. We can handle issues like new hire services, the development of safety manuals, the creation of employee harassment policies, and similar HR administration issues. We even offer pre-employment screenings to help you ensure that your recruitment strategies are attracting top-tier talent.

Risk Reduction

Einstein HR can work with your business to reduce your company’s risk profile. By handling Workers’ Compensation claims, developing more effective safety protocols, handling employee training, and creating a positive corporate culture, HR outsourcing companies can help reduce the amount of risk shouldered by a client company.

An HR Outsourcing Company For Everyone

As evidenced by our ability to offer clients a la carte service selection as well as wholesale HR outsourcing, Einstein HR was founded by industry veterans seeking to provide specially tailored solutions to business owners in need. This means that we are a company that works with a wide variety of businesses, regardless of industry or size.

Einstein HR has worked with companies with few employees as well as companies with more than 500 employees, so we have the experience necessary to manage your business needs. Outsourcing HR services is often vitally important for companies with between five and 100 employees.

Additionally, we partner with businesses in a wide array of industries, including the following.

  • Law firms
  • Retail outlets
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Health Care Providers

No matter what your business does, working with a human resources outsourcing company like Einstein HR can provide you with an incredible amount of benefits. Not only will it save you the time and headache of handling accounting paperwork and navigating esoteric regulations, but it can save you money as well.

The Cost of Outsourcing

There are two primary payment methods for a PEO or HR outsourcing company. Many companies, like Einstein HR, allow client business owners to select between the two in order to determine the best method for their company. Regardless of which option you choose, HR outsourcing often costs less than hiring an in-house HR staff.

  • Method One: businesses can pay a PEO or HR outsourcing company a flat fee per employee, per month.
  • Method Two: businesses can pay a PEO or HR outsourcing company a percentage of their overall payroll each month.

Start Outsourcing Your HR Needs Today

If you are a business owner looking to reduce risk, lower costs, and provide your employees with higher quality services, start thinking about outsourcing your HR needs today. At Einstein HR, we offer a FREE quote on our services as well as a la carte service selection, so you pay for exactly what you need.

Call us today at 770-962-1700 or fill out the form on our contact page to begin the process. A representative should be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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