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Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Denver, Colorado

Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Denver, Colorado

You started your business because you had a vision. You may have done it to launch a product you believed in, to create a change in your industry, to improve your community or simply to give your family a better future. You didn’t do it to spend your days pushing paperwork. That’s where a Denver small business payroll company can help.

Payroll rules aren’t simple. The more your business grows, the more unexpected and unusual payroll situations you’ll find yourself in. Tax laws, labor laws, and pay withholding rules are complex, and there are penalties if you make a mistake. The result is a business owner bogged down in administrative work, a staff that’s stretched thin, and the risk of costly errors. A payroll company gets rid of the risk. They can handle any portion of your payroll, giving you the tools to do it quickly and easily or doing it for you from punch clock to paycheck.

Einstein HR has provided payroll solutions decades. We specialize in working with small to medium business—some with just a handful of employees, some with hundreds. We will listen to your payroll needs and develop a solution that works for your company, at a price that’s easy on your budget. Let us give you a free quote. Fill out the form to the right or contact us and get your quote today.

What can a payroll company do for my small business?

Our goal is to provide you with the payroll capabilities of a Fortune 100 company, at a small business price. We believe there is no reason you or your employees should not have access to the same convenience, accuracy and efficiency as a larger enterprise.

Our payroll services offer full support for:

  • Complete local, state and federal tax withholding
  • Workers comp deductions
  • Wage garnishment
  • Child support
  • Union dues
  • Employee termination support, COBRA and continuation of benefits
  • Unemployment claims
  • Paying your contractors/1099 employees
  • Time off accrual & reporting
  • Branded paychecks
  • Certified payrolls
  • Direct deposit

Do I have to fully outsource my payroll, or can I keep it in house?

It’s your choice. We’ve seen many small businesses that prefer to outsource only the most complex or sensitive aspects of payroll, and others who prefer to get their entire payroll out the door and into the hands of the pros. (Find out about other ways to outsource your Denver company’s human resources or enter into a PEO arrangement to help provide good benefits to your employees.)

We can provide payroll solutions at many different levels:

  1. DIY online payroll entry. Many business owners prefer to do their payroll in house and simply send it out for processing and check printing. That’s exactly what Einstein HR Connection Einstein HR Connection is our easy to use onsite payroll software. It will guide you through correctly entering every number and help you navigate sensitive situations like garnished wages or third party checks. Best of all, Einstein HR Connect’s secure connection will allow you to enter payroll information from anywhere, double check it, and send it to our processing center. You can choose whether to print the checks and reports yourself or have us send them out.
  2. Payroll taxes. Tax law is one of the most challenging and complicated aspects of payroll, and every mistake has steep consequences—for the employee and for you. We believe that compliance support is one of the most important services we offer our clients. We can help you keep above board with tax law from beginning to end, starting with the W-2s and 1099s of new workers. We can handle your tax deductions on a weekly basis, your tax payments on a quarterly or annual basis and your employees’ year-end tax paperwork, as well as full support for unemployment tax and other government-mandated services.
  3. Comprehensive payroll administration. Many of our clients prefer to take a hands-off approach to payroll and let the experts handle it. We offer complete payroll outsourcing including traditional or online payroll entry, time off and benefit management, risk mitigation, certified payrolls, and rapid customer support. When you or your staff have a question, Einstein HR will be there to answer it and we will make sure you are satisfied with the solution—every time.
  4. Web based HR services. Using our Einstein HR Online portal, you can instantly update employee records, add new hires and process terminations, all with easy to follow templates.
  5. Instant reporting. Need to take a look at your payroll costs? New hire reports? Complex reports like labor costing? Einstein makes it easy and quick.

Do you offer ESS portals?

Yes. Einstein offers simple, intuitive employee self service (ESS) portals. An ESS portal serves as your digital one stop shop for HR information and resources. Using an ESS, employees can enter their own hours, check on their vacation accrual and benefits, read policy manuals and look up rules or payroll due dates. When an employee logs into their own account they can even see their past pay stubs or how many hours they’ve clocked in a given pay period.

ESS portals are also great for managers. Managers can pull any employee record in the blink of an eye and gather crucial information including their hours, schedule or history. ESS portals can provide managers with checklists for shifts or special procedures and serve as their “advisor in a box.” The portal makes policies and procedures available at your manager’s fingertips when they need them most.

Can I customize my payroll solutions?

Yes. Our goal at Einstein HR is to make payroll painless. We understand that that’s going to look different for every business, which is why we don’t push cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we start by asking you the hard questions about your payroll—things like what works, what doesn’t, what takes too long, and where your biggest cost is coming from. Then we’ll put together a customized package based on your needs.

Some of the factors we will ask about when discussing your payroll solution include:

  • What payroll mistakes have you seen in the past?
  • What are your employees or managers asking for?
  • What would you like your payroll to look like?
  • Is your business growing?
  • What, if any, payroll software do you use at present?

We’ve seen other payroll companies make big promises and fall short of the mark. Many of our clients have switched to us after another payroll provider failed to meet their needs. Let us show you that there’s a better option available.

What makes Einstein HR different from other Denver payroll companies?

There’s a simple way to know whether an employee is doing a good job: evaluate them. We want to be your top employee. We ask every client to grade us on our performance, and we don’t rest until those scores are as high as possible. This is why Einstein HR has a soaring client retention rate and one of the strongest reputations for service in the business.

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