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Denver PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization Denver, CO | Einstein HR, Inc

Denver PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization Denver, CO | Einstein HR, Inc

Your employees deserve great benefits—and you deserve to attract the best employees. But it’s hard for most businesses to compete with the benefit packages that leading companies offer. Competitive benefits are often far too expensive, and managing them adds complexity and compliance questions with no easy answer. If this is your business, it may be time to partner with a Denver PEO company.

A PEO or professional employer organization is a company that can help you get your employees better benefits at a lower cost, while eliminating HR work. It’s a simple alliance that allows you to offer Fortune 100 benefits regardless of how large or small your company may be.

Benefits of a PEO include:

  • Offer your employees the best benefits on the market
  • Lower the cost of benefits
  • Get comprehensive HR services without the cost of an in-house staff
  • Ensure compliance with Obamacare and other regulations

Einstein HR is one of the most experienced professional employer organizations serving Denver. Let us give you a quote and show you what we can do for your company. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get your free quote today.

How does a PEO work?

PEOs operate as a partner to your business under an arrangement called co-employment. Co-employment means that the PEO serves as your workers’ “employer” in select circumstances. You continue to have total control of your company, and you are the one who makes hiring and firing decisions. The PEO takes responsibility for human resources and benefits management.

This is far more powerful than simply contracting out your HR work. When you outsource HR, your provider remains a separate entity from you. They cannot bring you into their benefits network, and they cannot act with authority in employee disputes. They are simply administrators.

A PEO can do more. Because they co-employ your workers, you can join a benefits network as if you and the PEO are one entity. With dozens of companies under the PEO’s umbrella, you now have the clout and bargaining power to command the best rates in the industry. In fact, together with a PEO, your business will be treated as one of the largest players in the market.

How does the co-employment relationship work?

Co-employment gives both parties clearly defined roles:

  • You are the executive. You remain the primary employer of all your workers, and you have the final say over the PEO. You retain control of your employees and your operation.
  • Your PEO does the work. Your PEO will handle specific employer duties, with your approval. You effectively delegate administrative work such as payroll, tax withholding and benefits. Because they are your partner, your PEO can also act to resolve disputes, workers comp claims, unemployment cases and more. In many cases a PEO will even reduce your staff turnover rate.

What can a Denver PEO company for me?

A PEO provides the full weight of a team of HR experts. You no longer have to juggle multiple insurance networks and HR vendors. Instead, your PEO provides everything in one place, including:

  • Benefits and benefits management. A PEO will give you access to a better selection of benefits than you have on your own, often at deeply discounted prices. You can give your employees medical, vision, dental, and retirement benefits with perks including flex spending, life insurance and even tuition assistance. Your PEO will handle the behind-the-scenes and give your workers live support at all times.
  • Obamacare compliance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has added a new layer of requirements to your health plans. A PEO will navigate ACA for you so you don’t have to worry about penalties.
  • Payroll management. You will never have to think about payroll again. Your employees get direct deposit, digital W2s, online pay stubs, and great service while you get instant reports and no more payroll headache.
  • Claim resolution. Whether it’s workers comp, unemployment, even wrongful termination or discrimination claims, your PEO can manage any claim in the most cost effective way possible.
  • Comprehensive HR support. From creating employee manuals to carrying out hiring and termination procedures, your PEO is your new HR department.
  • The best PEOs have experienced recruiters and can serve as your personal headhunter, as well as screen, onboard and train new hires.
  • Employee evaluations. Your PEO can carry out performance assessments, leverage the results and help develop your employees.
  • Strategic development. Are you attracting the right people for the future of your company? How do you create the company culture you want? Your PEO can spearhead strategic planning to make sure your HR policies support your business goals.

Above all, your PEO can help your business reduce risk. By having all of your compliance issues handled by professionals, you minimize liability and avoid expensive penalties.

What kinds of companies use PEOs?

PEOs bring advantages to all kinds of business. Einstein HR’s clients include:

  • Startups
  • Local and regional businesses
  • National and multinational names
  • Small companies with 5 or more employees
  • Medium companies with 100-200 employees
  • Large companies

We work with across all industries including IT, bioscience, energy, healthcare, aerospace, aviation, broadcasting, finance, manufacturing, construction, and many others. We also work with non-profit organizations.

What makes Einstein HR different from other Denver PEO services?

Our founders spent years working in the PEO and human resources business. We’ve seen firsthand the difference that solution-oriented HR services can make. We’ve also seen far too many HR providers promise more than they can deliver. Most of these companies have teams of technical experts but no one who understands service. We believe that a responsive PEO, one that’s agile and ready to adapt as your business grows, can deliver on every promise it makes. Einstein HR is our proof of that.

At Einstein, we deliver more than any other Denver PEO:

  • We have decades of experience in the PEO industry.
  • We help you save money on HR, benefits and compliance.
  • Our job is to anticipate your need and solve it before you even pick up the phone.

Start Saving Your Business Money Today

At Einstein HR, we make your business run better. We can give you the HR services you need at a cost that’s right for you—and deliver the best benefits for your employees. Let us show you what we can do for your business. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get a free quote today.

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