Will AI Benefit HR?

Posted January 25, 2019 by Mary McGinley

By now, most HR professionals realize what a game changer, artificial intelligence or AI is to the industry across the board. In an article appearing on the UK’s HR News website, guest blogger, Julie Provino wonders what all of the increased automation will mean for both workers and HR as an industry.

Provino asserts that HR is about human resources, so having robots do tasks that 10 – 20 years ago were done by people have some HR professionals a little bit concerned. What humans have that even the best AI resources don’t have – at least at this point are distinctly human qualities such as the creativity of thinking outside the box, empathy, and intuition. What AI does do is to generate reports that are virtually without error, can chat with workers via chatbots for common issues which often come up. AI innovations in this and other areas have the ability to leave HR professionals who are focused on making a difference within their organizations to do so in other, more personal ways.

As the world’s workforce becomes more reliant on AI, Provino insists that HR is about engagement between workers and the cultures that exist within organizations so that interaction between people is meaningful and authentic. Those things cannot happen without keeping humans in the HR mix.