Goals and Trends for HR in 2017

Posted January 6, 2017 by Mary McGinley

It’s a brand new year, and every year goals and resolutions get made. HR professionals are taking a good hard look at their goals for 2017 and also at the current trends in making human resources an integral player in their organizations.

According to a recent article at Workforce.com by Greg Moran, president and CEO of HR technology firm OutMatch, everyone in the field of human resources is riding the waves of change regardless of size and longevity. According to Kris Dunn, another Workforce columnist, “People who are best in start-up environments aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do some of the dirty work, along with the high-level stuff.”

Another trend of note is for HR professionals to treat each employee as an individual and not make assumptions that are based on demographics of age within the workforce. Current analytical data allows HR professionals to be able to predict the various capabilities and work styles of given employees without relying on generational stereotypes.

The Return of the Performance Review   

In recent years, many companies chose to do away with annual performance reviews. Some of those companies are now finding that having no data is worse than spotty data. Some companies are now coming up with creative ways to gather this information by making improvements to performance reviews that are more useful and timely than it was in the past. One way is by using real-time gathering of performance data.

HR Data Systems

It’s no secret that big data has changed how HR professionals do their jobs today. There are scores of HR systems packages and along with added functionality can be both big expectations and a big price tag. No HR management system is capable of being the best solution in every case and the larger a system is, the more difficult it can be to add or remove functions or make them scalable to the size of the operation.

You can check out more of Moran’s article at the Workforce website.

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